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Mimi Will You Marry Me?

Labor Day, the perfect day to relax and enjoy the outdoors. This day was particularly splendid. Temperatures had reached up to 104 just a few days before until an unexpected cold front made its way through. Its cool winds brought temperatures to a high of 90 and a low of 69. My husband and I knew better than to pass up such a Houston delicacy so we decided to walk about and lay out at a popular duck pond in Herman Park.

Love was definitely in the air. Everything in nature couldn’t agree more. The birds were out, the children were jumping in the chilly water of a non-wading fountain, and yes, we even saw a duck “couple” chasing each other around. However, the more obvious sign was the group of friends, or maybe they were family, holding up 5 large white poster board signs. We saw these from a distance and drew closer to them as they were near the fountain that was by our way. “Mimi, Will You Marry Me?” they read. Wow! a proposal right before my eyes and me without my camera! The young man, he didn’t look any older than 22, was down on his knee while the young lady extended her hand and the other covered her larger than life smile of excitement.

Friends and family gathered around snapping pictures. It all happened so fast yet it happened in slow motion. I smiled with her, with him, no, I smiled with all of them. The children continued walking about the flat fountain but far away enough as to not disturb this perfect act of courtship. I wanted to clap but held my excitement, instead I continued to watch their enjoyment as it filled the air.

After sometime we reached a spot near the lake where my husband and I felt comfortable to lay out and enjoy nature’s beauty. We found an undisturbed area where a large tree hovered nearby and provided us with its beautiful shade.The image of the white poster boards, the young man on his knee, and the speechless young girl reminisced in my mind. “This is why I love to do what I do”

“We’re engaged! Now what do I do?”

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