Popping the question on the big screen. Minute Maid Park

July 8, 2012

     Strike three! You're out! The Houston Astros finished the 5th inning strong against the Milwaukee Brewers. The crowd cheered and clapped to the victory music trumpeting throughout Minute Maid Park. Spectators sat back and focused their attention toward the large 54ft high x 124 ft wide screen that serves as the park's score, advertising, and camera board. It was now time for the "Kiss Me Cam", in where the park's video camera points its lenses at random couples and engages them to partake in showing their lips to lips affection. Some young, some old, nevertheless each couple followed protocol and gave in to the excitement.

     First a small kiss, then a shy kiss, then a BIG kiss, on and on the kissing continued. Finally, the camera focused in on the last couple and bordered their bodies inside a heart shaped box. The young man motioned toward the screen in order to let his loved one know that their image was being projected across the park. Just as soon as she gazed up, the young man made his was way down and got on one knee. Her hands covered mouth and her eyes glowed with shock as thousands watched the couple's life altering moment. The large screen read," Angie, will you marry me?". The more than half full park grew silent for a brief moment that could have felt like an eternity for the young man waiting for an answer. Everyone continued to watch as Angie's lips motioned a big "YES!" and wrapped her arms around him. The crowd howled and cheered, illuminating the park with a radiant energy.


     One couple, one kiss, one question, is all it took to bring a park filled with thousands of people together. The Houston Astros and the many cheers for the team carried on strong till the end. Another wonderful afternoon ending in "I do" and a resounding victory for the Astros taking the game 6 - 3.



“We’re engaged!  Now what do I do?”

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