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Outside Surrounded by Palm Trees

Early last year (2013), Fernando and I were both stressed out to the max, between him starting his business and me taking on more responsibilities at work. So, we decided to plan, a very much needed, short getaway to Cancun Mexico. My birthday was drawing near so that seemed like the perfect time for us to take off.

We arrived in Cancun the day before my birthday, settled in at the hotel, had dinner and made plans to celebrate my birthday the next day. It seemed as if the universe had other plans for us, other than enjoying our time away, because the next day, on my birthday, I fell violently ill with food poisoning!

All of our plans had to be cancelled that evening. I felt horrible and kept apologizing to Fernando. “Am I messing this up?” I asked him. “YES!!” He told me jokingly.” He tried his best to comfort me and made suggestions, such as taking a walk on the beach or sitting by the pool, in order to get me out of our room but I was just too weak.

The next day I was still pretty fragile but I was determined to make up for the day before. We relaxed by the pool and made dinner reservations. The restaurant was very beautiful. Our candlelit table was under a small canopy outside surrounded by palm trees.

During dinner, Fernando was very quiet. Too quiet. “Could he really be this mad at me for ruining our first day on vacation??” I asked myself while my mind ran, what seemed like a million miles per hour. I wasn't sure what to say. Suddenly, two waiters approached our table with a plate of cheesecake and sparklers. The plate read ‘Congratulations’. “Congratulations for what?” I thought.

Before I could ask, Fernando was on one knee next to me as he held a ring in his hand. Neither of us could speak but he already knew what my answer was. I cried like a baby with joy.

He had wanted to propose to me on my birthday the night before but couldn’t since I was so ill. Although things did not start out as planned, they ended up perfectly!


Copyright 2014 Stephanie Ramos. Perfectly Divine Event Planning.

Photography Courtesy by Costas Photography

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I'm engaged! Now what do I do?

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