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About Us

Perfectly Divine


   "We're engaged!"  years ago, these words became the sole purpose for the creation of Perfectly Divine.  It was my sister who had decided to take, as many will say, "the plunge". The excitement in her face and on my mom and dad's, well perhaps less on my dad's, filled the entire house with a wonderful chaotic happiness.


   Time disregarded my sister's need for procrastination. She was not prepared for her big day and only had a few months to make major decisions and appointments, not to mention create a bottom line budget. She turned to look at me and said, " What should I do? Mom, grandma, and just about everyone else keep trying to push their ideas on me but I don't like any of them. 


   I knew my sister needed my help. Not another "opinion" but someone who could provide her with a list of options and talk to her vendors directly. I began to ask her a few questions and soon had an idea of how she envisioned her ceremony. I had an entire list of ideas for venues, colors, flowers, caterers, and a gazillion other vendors. We went slowly, day by day while reassuring her that THIS IS FUN, and that it should be.


Everything fell into place and I was there to make sure it did every step of the way. 














Stephanie Gee Ramos


     Stephanie Ramos provides an excellent insight for elegance, creativity, and organization to every  celebration that she executes. Based in the city of Houston, Stephanie has orchestrated events through a vast and diverse range of venues, always keeping the image and style that her clients desire. She continues to maintain and grow a respected roster of vendors which accommodate the diverse personalities of individuals. She never fails to share the excitement and concerns of every host while providing her expertise to each event.

     After graduating from the University of Houston, Stephanie interned with a Houston based event company while she perused her career in accounting; a skill which has allowed her to maintain and organize budgets of all sizes. She enjoys the arts and draws her ideas and sense of creativity by keeping a social awareness at the opera, ballet, musicals, and theatre while contributing her time as a volunteer to non-profit organizations. Today, Stephanie continues to grow Perfectly Divine by working diligently on making sure that every celebration is uniquely designed and caters to the wants and needs of every host and celebration.





Enjoy the Celebration


    Many couples encounter this battle with their family during the process of their big day. Not only during their big day but during most events. Have you gladly accepted and declared your "we're engaged!" status? Or perhaps you're ready to plan a large celebration. Allow  Perfectly Divine  to assist you with the details and provide you with comfort and an ease of mind during the process. Let's enjoy the process and let's Enjoy the Celebration. You deserve it!


Gonzalo Ramos


     Event planning requires both organizational and creative capabilities in order to obtain a smooth and successful outcome. Co-founder Gonzalo Ramos shares both of these qualities with Stephanie allowing their palette to reach unique and sophisticated realms. Gonzalo brings a strong position for on the spot decisions along with an elegant eye for design.  With a background in Marketing, obtained from the University of Houston's Bauer College of Business, he maintains the image and motivating outcomes for Perfectly Divine. Gonzalo has used his experience for the growth of non-profit organizations in the greater Houston area by providing Marketing, Communications, and Grant Writing expertise. 

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