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Joy and Ben

Photography by Veronica Caycedo Photography

Joy did such a wonderful job planning her wedding. She just needed a little extra help creating a time line, keeping track of vendors and insights along with many details. A month before the wedding Joy decided to bring in Perfectly Divine to fine tune these details and make sure the wedding went off without a hitch. Joy and Ben wanted their wedding to be as simple as possible with family being the most important aspect. To keep in theme with the importance of family, the couple had family members play harp, piano and trumpets for the ceremony. In fact the groom himself serenaded his bride with his trumpet while accompanied by his uncle and cousin. To top it off, both sets of parents sang a responsorial hymnal together and then led the wedding congregation through the second verse.

The reception continued along with the family theme at the Kim Son Restaurant with a nine course dinner served what other way but family style. Ben and Joy served white and pink frosted cupcakes and had a faux wedding cake for cake cutting pictures. Parents singing, uncles and cousins providing the ceremonial music; this wedding epitomized the meaning of family.

Perfectly Divine

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Enjoy the Celebration

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