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"A picture is worth a thousand words" but what about video clips?

If the saying goes, “ A picture is worth a thousand words”, then how do you measure the value of a video clip from your wedding day? We’ve encountered this question when preparing and re-visiting the wedding budget with many of our brides and grooms.

Many couples favored being able to see what their soon-to-be was doing while they were getting ready and the priceless moments that they missed while they were meeting and greeting their loved ones. Others have been very happy with simply having a photographer on their wedding day.

Whichever you favor, it’s always a great idea to do some research and view the quality of the vendor’s work. Many videographers provide pre-wedding moments, your entire ceremony, along with favorable moments of the reception in their full length videos. In addition, many also create a 2 to 5 minute montage highlighting special moments of your event and set it to music for you to share.

Here is a montage clip provided to us by one of our couples who we had the pleasure of assisting on their big day. The clip was created by Red Button Studios.

posted by Gonzalo Ramos Perfectly Divine

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